Heat Printing While You Wait at NBA All Star Event

Adidas NBA All Star Jersey West with gold metallic screen printed twill. Fans could add their name on the back or go with the player's name. Custom names were heat printed using No-Sew Twill.

Stahls’ Decorating Fulfillment Center and Transfer Express Crew, from l to r front: Carol and Diana (DFC), backrow: Greg (TX), Bob (TX), Doug (DFC), KJ (DFC)

Custom jerseys here. The sign in the background about says it all. I guess they could have added the words: “While You Wait.” Because that is what the power of heat printing allows the NBA to offer their fans at specialty events like the NBA Jam Session that took place last weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center. What could you get for pre-tax $127 adults or $82 youth? Your choice of name and number on a Red West or Blue East NBA All Star Jersey. Folks from Stahls’ Decorating Fulfillment Center and Stahls’ Transfer Express were on hand to help custom heat print while customers waited. According to Greg from Transfer Express, the longest wait time for a custom jersey was usually around seven minutes. “During the busiest day, which was Saturday, the longest time was maybe 20 minutes. People were extremely happy to be able to get a custom shirt done that quickly.”

Front of Adidas NBA All Star East Jersey that was available for customization.

We had a stock of pre-cut screen printed twill numbers and letters in the styles, colors and sizes Adidas designs and approves for each team.  You could choose any name, any number, all numbers, adult and youth Red West or Blue East. Here’s what Carl Agosta of Stahls’ Decorating Fulfillment Center, had to report: “We had 3 Hotronix Air Swinger presses in the back and it seemed like they never stopped pressing for 4 days straight. The NBA was also selling jerseys over at Staples Center, where the game was being held and at times we helped create heat printed inventory for jerseys that were not available, for example for players that were late add-ons to the roster. In order to keep up with demand for Blake Griffin replica jerseys, the Stahls’ crew had to produce heat printed jerseys that were sent over to Staples and put on the shelves next to sewn twill jerseys. No one blinked an eye. In fact, many fans and players prefer the heat printed twill jerseys because it means the jerseys are more comfortable to wear and have no scratchy threads on the inside.” The Blake Griffin jerseys were in big demand, especially after the Sprite Slam Dunk contest and if you don’t know why, watch this video.

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