How Do Custom Transfers Work?

Another great thing about using custom transfers is you can “gang” several images on a sheet and cut them apart for printing. You pay per sheet, so organize your orders and get the most bang for your buck. Our reps are more than happy to help you.

If you use custom transfers all the time, you already know how they save you time and add profitability to your bottom line. But there are thousands of businesses out there that have never tried custom transfers. How do we know this? Because you tell us and because we’ve met you at trade shows. It still surprises me that we have customers that have never used the service of custom transfers. If you own a heat press, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using custom transfers for some of your orders. If you’re still unsure what a custom transfer is, this short video from Stahls’ Transfer Express shows you how they are made (they’re screen printed) and how you receive them after you order (one color EasyPrints can ship the same day!) If you have larger orders and you don’t want to cut and weed designs for hundreds of shirts, custom transfers are most likely the solution. If you have a multi-color design and you don’t want it to feel heavy or it’s too complicated to cut, weed and heat apply, your customer will probably appreciate the look of a custom transfer. If you need more help, we have the best heat transfer education and customer service in the industry. This video gives you a glimpse into the world of custom transfers from Transfer Express:

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