How to Add Numbers to Shirts

You can add numbers to t-shirts quickly and easily with die-cut or pre-cut numbers and letters from Stahls’.

Looking for the fastest way to add numbers to t-shirts? All you need is a heat press and some die-cut or pre-cut numbers. What material? The world’s most popular die-cut or pre-cut numbers are made from Thermo-FILM. Thermo-FILM holds up to all kinds of abuse and it’s super easy to work with. Here’s how you can get start using die-cut numbers to create numbered shirts. You can print an entire set of numbered jerseys in just minutes.

Dozens of Styles

First of all, there are dozens of die-cut number styles to choose from, including numbers that professional teams use. You can turn any t-shirt into a team uniform with die-cut numbers. They are sold in packs, team packs and kits. You can keep a kit on hand an always be ready to personalize a t-shirt.

Two Color Looks

Additionally, it’s just as easy to create two-color numbers. Just place the background number down first and position the foreground on top. It’s the way sporting goods stores have been doing it for years.

Easy to Order

It’s really easy to figure out how many numbers you need for any job. Stahls’ has an ordering calculator that helps you figure out how many to order. Just answer a few simple questions and you’re all set.  Use this calculator to figure out order quantities for both letters and numbers.

Start Today

In conclusion, if you want to start adding numbers to shirts, it’s inexpensive, easy and best of all, it can be very profitable. For more information on how to price your finished team t-shirts, download The Ultimate Guide to Sports Decorating Pricing.

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