How To Create Metallic Looks For Sports and More

There are many ways to add metallic looks to garments with your heat press. Stahls’ CAD-CUT Fashion Film is one way, and it’s now available in more than just silver and gold metallic. Eight new colors for 2018 include metallic black and metallic rose gold.

There are many ways to create the popular metallic lettering, logo and number looks we’re seeing everywhere using your heat press. One way to create a metallic look is using heat transfer foil (that’s what this video is about). Another is with CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyls, another is with transfers, another is using pre-cut numbers and letters. They all have one thing in common–a heat press.  The video shared here is a simple example of how you can use heat transfer vinyl, cuttable adhesive and foil to create stunning garment decoration looks. If you watched the Olympics, if you are watching NCAA Basketball, you are seeing metallic numbers and logos. As I mentioned earlier, there is more than one way to add metallic names, numbers and logos to garments, there are many different levels of shine and many different shades. Keep in mind that Stahls’ has a wide variety of metallic color choices from which to choose. We have metallic finishes in Thermo-FILM, Premium Print, Fashion Film and more. Each one can be ordered by the yard for cutting, through our Player Name and Number services or in pre-cut styles. Your representative can help you determine which metallic finish will work best on the garment that you are printing. We have a heat transfer material for just about every type of fabric out there. Keep in mind that this video just shows you one way to create metallic looks–we have dozens of other choices when it comes to creating sought-after metallic looks with your heat press. In addition, you can also order custom metallic transfers. Transfer Express allows you to select from several metallic ink choices that provide a high-tech and shimmery finished look. If you have a cutter, this video shows you one way to create a metallic look.

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