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At Stahls’ we are always educating our staff on how to find the best heat printing solutions for any fabric type.

One of our core values at GroupeSTAHL is education. We want to do more than just manufacture and sell the garment printing solutions you need, we want to make sure you know how to use our products and services to grow your business. New team members go through a rigorous training process that takes many weeks. But the training never really ends. We have a Learning and Development team that keeps everyone updated on the latest printing innovations and how to use them. For example, we recently hosted a Fabric Training Class with emphasis on Polyester, Blends, Performance Wear. Attendees collaborated on characteristics of these garments and participated in activities designed to discover heat printing challenges that our customers may run into. Various solutions are brainstormed and tested and everyone gets to heat print. We know that many of you many are running into problems when trying to print on fabrics such as Tri-Blends, Sublimated Hex Camo, and Vapor Apparel. Sometimes textile coatings are added to various fabrics to enhance performance for the wearer, but which make heat printing more difficult. A textile coating can pose challenges since a coating can act as barrier between the Heat Transfer Vinyl Adhesive and garment. Our team members also learn more about fabric topics such as Moisture Wicking, UV Protection, and Waterproofing. If you are looking for answers to printing on any of the fabrics mentioned in this post, we have the solutions. Please don’t hesitate to ask your Stahls’ or Stahls’ Transfer Express representative for the best heat printing method for any fabric. You can also download this fabric compatibility chart.


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