How to Customize Hat Bills

Stahls’ Cap Bill Platen is specifically designed to allow you to print up to four cap bills at once. This specialty platen is designed for use with Hotronix heat presses and is simple to exchange with the bottom platen.

Did you know you Stahls’ has a specially formed Quick Change platen designed specifically for printing cap bills? The hat or cap bill platen works with Hotronix heat presses and can be installed in just seconds. This cap printing trend is very popular and it’s a service that not many people think to offer. If you have a heat press and a cutter, you can easily add all types of custom printing to both sides of a cap’s bill. To learn more about heat printing on cap bills, this video shows you how it works. Keep in mind you can use heat transfer vinyl designs or custom transfers from Transfer Express when printing hat bills. Stahls’ has a variety of speciality, interchangeable platens to make it easier to print popular items. In addition to the hat bill platen, there are Hotronix Quick Change Platens available for printing coozies or can coolers, sleeves and legs, double sleeves and legs and also a variety of different sizes. To see all the Quick Change Hotronix platens that are available, click here.  

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