How To Overcome Pricing Pressure

The April 30th Morning Show features Zach and Josh Ellsworth speaking about one of the hottest topics for business owners–how to win the war on pricing and overcoming pricing pressure.

We’ve been seeing a lot of posts on our Facebook pages about how to price custom shirts, and more specifically, how to deal with customers that want you to lower your prices. How do you handle people who want to put the “squeeze” on you? It’s not easy to deal with, especially if you are new to the custom garment decoration business. Remember, you are offering a custom service that can’t be found everywhere. Perhaps you offer the ability to print just one shirt, perhaps you offer glitter or full color. Not everyone can do that. You can if you have a heat press. But what should you charge and how do you deal with customers that always want a lower price? You will find that over time, you will gain the confidence to respectfully and professionally deal with customers who ask for a price reduction. We’ve also heard you ask about the customers who request pricing for 100 garments and then only order 12 but want the 100 piece price? Josh and Zach are here to give you some solid strategies on pricing pressure. It all starts with understanding your costs and developing a “bottom line” when it comes to your lowest price. When you have a concrete plan on how to deal with price negotiators, you’ll feel much more prepared should the issue arise.

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