How to Do Split-Text Effects with CADWorxlive

Learn how you can use to create popular split-text effects for back to school wear.

If you own a printer cutter or a cutter and you create your own artwork, you should be using This powerful design engine is available online for free and no one else has anything like it. Cadworx is what drives the design engines at Stahls’ and Stahls’ Transfer Express and it’s available for anyone to use just by registering.  If you’ve never tried it, this video shows you how you can use to create one of today’s most popular lettering trends, split-text effects. This type of effect is extremely complicated to achieve with other graphic design programs, especially for use on garments. But Cadworxlive makes it easy and simple to create professional looking text effects in just minutes. What’s even better, your finished artwork is ready to be sent to your printer or cutter. The how-to portion on text effects begins around the 9 minute mark. But be sure to watch the entire Stahls’ TV Morning show for even more ideas and inspiration.

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