The Fastest Way to Print Team Uniforms

Use Stahls’ pre-spaced names and pre-cut numbers for the fastest, easiest way to print custom team uniforms.

We know you are all busy getting custom garments ready for back to school, fall leagues and more. Every minute is precious when it comes to printing and Stahls’ heat printing products and services can help you shave time off your production processes. The fastest way to print individual names and numbers is still with Stahls’ Thermo-FILM. You can order pre-spaced names simply by uploading your team roster. The names arrive ready to position and press. Numbers can be added at the same time. Our pre-cut numbers are ready to heat apply in just seconds. You can print one or two color styles for a professional look. And now we have added the most popular metallic colors to our line of Thermo-FILM colors. Even if you’ve never printed team uniforms before, if you own a heat press you’ll wonder why you have never offered this profitable service. If you aren’t sure what to charge for personalized team jerseys, we have a complete team jersey pricing guide to help you determine fair and attractive pricing. Download your copy today. Hopefully you will be inspired by the profit possibilities. I can’t make any promises but I’m sure you will find that our inexpensive Thermo-FILM numbers and letters allow you to add true value that adds true profit to your bottom line. There’s no reason to be afraid of offering the service of custom team uniforms.

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