How To Heat Print Soccer Uniforms

Your local soccer league may be in the market for a new jersey supplier. Well, you’ll never know unless you ask. But don’t walk into your sales meeting empty handed, make sure you have some examples of beautifully decorated jerseys. What’s that? You’ve never printed a soccer uniform before? That shouldn’t stop you. If you own a heat press you are more than qualified to throw your hat into this arena. Some things you need to know about heat printing soccer uniforms:

  1. Many soccer jerseys are made with sublimated fabrics. This means you might have to be concerned about dye-migration when heat printing. If you are heat printing to sublimated or heat-sensitive uniforms, we recommend AquaTru Dye-Block.    This blocks dye migration, requires a low temp application and is hot peel. It’s perfect for all types of sports with its high stretch & rebound. Plus, customers really like the lightweight, matte finish.
  2. For other high performance uniforms, we recommend Premium Plus. You can order pre-cut numbers or pre-spaced text and numbers.
  3. Soccer teams often feature sponsor logos. If you need to put full color logos on soccer uniforms, CAD-PRINTZ Full Color Digital logos are perfect.

Helpful products when decorating soccer uniforms:

  • Pre-Cut Numbers – cost effective, available in team sets, on-demand personalization
  • Pre-Spaced Text – time saver, pre-aligned text ready to apply, easy team roster upload for ordering
  • Pre-Spaced Numbers – time saver, unique number style details, pre-aligned single or double- digit numbers
  • CAD-PRINTZ® Full Color Digital Logos – high definition images with extreme detail, one-layer application with unlimited colors, apply to a variety of fabrics, low minimums

For more information on how to use your heat press to print soccer uniforms, visit Stahls’ soccer section on our website. This video is also very helpful for common sizing and placements.

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