How To Increase Profitability with a Cutter

This video featuring Jenna and Bob will show you the benefits of owning a vinyl cutter if you are in the business of custom garments.

First of all, thank you to everyone who reached out about the blog on our mother Ricki Stahl, written to recognize what would have been her 100th birthday on April 13th. One thing I know Ricki would have been astounded at is the way the business has grown, especially in manufacturing CAD-CUT materials. Ricki was around to witness the introduction of CAD-CUT. We invented a brand new category, a brand new method of customization with a heat press. People had never heard of using heat transfer vinyls to decorate garments before we introduced it. When I recall trying to explain the concept to people at trade shows, they thought we were crazy. Now, when I walk into one of our manufacturing facilities, distribution centers or warehouses and see the 40 foot high ceilings packed with CAD-CUT materials, it’s truly humbling. And still there are people who don’t yet own a cutter. If you’ve been debating about whether to add a cutter to your business, this video will answer any questions you may have. A vinyl cutter allows you to add customization to all types of items, even items that have been previously decorated with a transfer, embroidery or even screen printing. With a cutter and the proper CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyl, you can add a name, a date or even an additional logo to any item. This video shows you how to use a cutter to add customization to a garment that was printed with a transfer from Transfer Express. Another huge benefit is that you can also add reflective details, metallics, patterned designs, glitter, holographic, and an entire range of special effects with CAD-CUT heat vinyls. There is literally no end to the number of uses for a vinyl cutter in your customization business. If you don’t already own one, watch this video and see what else you are missing.

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