What Embroiderers Should Know About Thermo-FLOCK

Stahls’ Thermo-FLOCK is a great alternative to embroidery. Try it on towels!

Embroidery has always been know as one of the most upscale ways to customize a garment. Embroidered logos will always have a touch of class and quality. They’re great. But what’s not so great is that it’s not always the most cost effective option for your customers. Also, there are many items that are difficult to embroider, such as dance wear, performance wear, caps, bags and any lightweight material. When people invest in a lightweight shirt or sports jersey, they don’t want heavy embroidery dragging down the shirt, not to mention the backing that is usually necessary. What are your options instead of embroidery? The first thing that always comes to my mind is flock. Stahls’ Thermo-FLOCK is an excellent alternative to embroidery. Thermo-FLOCK offers you texture, soft hand and best of all, it’s practically fool-proof for heat application. This video shows you how to use a cutter to create custom logos that make an affordable and profitable option to embroidery. Embroidery will always have its place in the custom decoration world, but if you’ve ever considered branching out, a cutter and a heat press can open up a brand new array of decorating options. If you don’t own a cutter, you can choose Thermo-FLOCK as a materials option when ordering custom cut logos from Stahls’. If you do own a cutter and an embroidery machine, Thermo-FLOCK is also compatible with the “rip-away applique” process. Basically, this is an ideal way to cut down on stitch counts by combining Thermo-FLOCK with embroidery.

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