How To Increase Sales with White Glitter Flake

If you’ve had the chance to work with our new CAD-CUT® Glitter Flake colors, you may have noticed a few things that set our heat transfer materials apart from other brands. We’re proud to announce that our Glitter Flake is easy to cut, easy to weed and easier to work with than other glitter materials. You may have noticed:

1.       Improved glitter sparkle 

2.      Excellent opacity even on dark colors due a special adhesive that we have developed and manufacture for use with these colors (all glitter flake is not the same!) Our white will stay white.

3.       New fluorescent colors are available at the same price point as our other Glitter Flake colors!  

Thanks again for your positive response to the addition of our new Glitter Flake colors including white. The video posted here will give you some great ideas on ways to use Glitter Flake to help you sell more garments –it’s not just for cheer and dance!


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