How to Maximize Custom Transfer Sheets

Bryan Sheets posted this picture on the Heat Press for Profit FB group. He says: “Whenever I order transfers I always fit in a smaller design for can koozies as a gift for the client. They love the gift and sometimes order more once they see them generating more profit since the transfers cost me no additional money. “

Many of you have already figured out that custom transfers are sold by the sheet. Which means when you buy a custom transfer from Transfer Express, you’re paying per sheet. This means you are able to put as many images or logos on one sheet of paper without incurring any additional fees. When the transfers arrive, simply cut the transfers apart and start printing. to recap:

  • Prices are per sheet – add as much as you can fit on a sheet
  • Transfer Express has a standard sheet size of 11.25″ x 14″
  • Putting more than one image on a sheet is often called “ganging”
  • Images/art should be the same color(s)
  • Transfer Express also offers a cut apart charge for single images at $0.20 per image — which is great for cap and heart-sized designs in large volumes
  • There is a gang size image chart so you can estimate how many images fit on one sheet

And don’t worry, if it seems confusing, a Transfer Express customer service rep is more than happy to help you find the most cost effective way to place your order. Or you can use the Gang Sheet Calculator to determine how many designs fit on a sheet. The next time you order custom transfers, make sure you add some clip art, left chest images, logos, or T-shirt tags because they won’t cost you a single penny extra. You can also split that sheet up and fill up half the sheet with one design, and the other half of the sheet with another design. This is a great idea when printing home and away logos for schools or teams.


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