Fastest Way to Print Custom Shirts

Yes, you can still get the custom transfers you need even if your customer needs the printed shirts by the end of the week. Transfer Express has same day shipping for one color Easy Prints orders that are placed by 11AM EST. If you’ve ever wondered why we’re called Transfer Express, it’s because it’s always been our mission to get your orders to you as fast as possible. Even though we’ve been creating screen printed transfers since 1988, a lot has changed since then. Back then there was no internet (what?), no Easy View and no Easy Prints layouts. Fast-forward to today where you can get single color Easy Prints shipped out the same day. Here are some interesting facts about Easy Prints.

  1. The first Easy Prints® layout was created in 1992.
  2. There are over 5,000 Easy Prints layouts, 8,000 Easy Prints clip art and 120 fonts to choose from in the Easy View® online designer. Imagine the amount of unique artwork you can create.
  3.  Even though we offer over 50 stock ink colors and the ability to Color Match PMS colors, Black and White are still the most popular colors.
  4. Sheets of transfers are counted in a similar way as banks use to count money. This ensures an accurate transfer count in every order.
  5. It takes 41 steps to create a screen printed transfer order. From the time the order is placed, to the time your order leaves our building.
  6. Many transfer orders are still warm when they are packed in the signature Transfer Express box and shipped out. Just like a pizza!
  7. Transfer Express is also known as “The Transfer Company that Never Sleeps”. We have staff that works around the clock to get your order out as quickly as possible.
  8. Dealer Service Representatives go through over 160 hours of industry and product training before taking your order.
  9. The release paper that plastisol ink is printed on for Goof Proof transfers is specially made for Transfer Express. It’s a special “recipe” that has been a secret since the founding of the company. It gives this transfer its durability, opacity and soft feel.
  10. No order takes longer than 5 days to ship out. Most orders are completed either the Same Day or just 1 day. We can honestly say, Transfer Express is the fastest screen printed transfer company. Transfer Shipping Schedule

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