How to Position Graphics for Heat Printing

Get your free copy of the Ultimate Guide to Design Size and Placement, put together by the garment decoration experts at Stahls’.

We are often asked the best ways to make sure your graphics are positioned properly before heat printing. Many of you are so experienced you can just “eyeball it.” Others are not as confident. Many of you require exact precision, especially when printing for teams and businesses that demand consistency in their custom garments. And when you are training someone new on heat press operation, you have to give some type of guidelines.

Which is why we wrote, The Ultimate Guide to Design Size and Placement.  This booklet covers everything from finding the center of your shirt to where to position left chest logos, working with V-necks and much more.

It also covers the pros and cons of different positioning methods and explains how to use a Laser Alignment System. If you are curious as to how a Laser Alignment system works, the short video below goes over the basics.

What are your favorite tips for aligning and positioning graphics? One of mine still remains using my hand as a measuring tool. I can usually correctly position a chest front graphic one hand down from the collar. For those times when a ruler isn’t available, my hand is always “handy.” But seriously, please download the booklet and let us know how you like it.

What other types of how-to books would you like to see us offer in the future? Tell me in the comments.

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