Top Tips on Making Sample Boards for HTV

I ran across an interesting thread on the Heat Press for Profit Facebook Group hosted by StahlsTV. Someone had inquired about the best way to show customers sample colors of heat transfer vinyl. Let me start by saying that Stahls’ is happy to send you sample swatches for free (one per material type per company), but you must pay shipping, or you can ask to have them included in your next order. We also give away swatches at every trade show, if you are planning to attend one in the near future. Speaking of free samples, Stahls’ Transfer Express also offers free samples of mini-transfers.

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Once you have your sample swatches, the question then becomes, what is the best way to display them? Here are some suggestions that were shared on the FB page:

  1. From Dianna Bhear: “I have a sample board. I cut out a one inch square from all the colors I carry and press them on black fabric on a magnet. That way when I’m at a show and run out of something, I just pull it off the board.”
  2. From Teri Marsden: “Cut them in half and press onto fabric napkins in black and grey. I keep it with some sample designs to show customers. I found the napkins were the perfect size.”
  3. Apply to a t-shirt or Stahls’ Mini T’s.

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In addition to showing your customers different colors, another idea is to make up several shirts, with the same design, using different CAD-CUT heat transfer materials. This way your customers can see the difference in the feel and look of the various heat transfer vinyl materials that you offer. This how-to video featuring Josh Ellsworth shows you how you can take one design and present it in different heat transfer vinyl looks.

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