How to Print Full Color Logos on Performance Wear

As much as we all love the softness and feel of cotton for many of the items we put close to our skin, t-shirts, towels, sheets, all types of clothing, you do have to admit we’re seeing less and less 100% cotton shirts for any type of performance wear. In fact, I’ve been noticing many events that used to use a basic cotton t-shirt, such as 5K’s, now use a 100% polyester fabric that’s made to look and feel like cotton. So what are your choices when it comes to decorating or adding full color logos to nylon, nylon blends, polyester, Spandex(R) and Lycra(R)? Here’s a video repost of Josh Ellsworth from CAD-CUT Direct that explains how to use CAD-COLOR Solutions Opaque. If you don’t own a cutter/printer, you can also order custom full color logos (CAD-Printz) as a service from Stahls’ or Transfer Express and all you have to do is use your heat press.

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