How To Print Multi-Color Logos

Say yes to customers who ask for full color logos, even small quantities, with CAD-Printz from Stahls’ and Transfer Express.

How many colors? How many pieces? Don’t be afraid to say yes when your customers ask for full color logos. If you have a heat press, you can do this. We often hear from customers who are looking for a simple solution for full color heat printing. More and more of your customers are requesting multi-color designs, and many of them only want less than a dozen pieces. Some only want one shirt.  The easiest way? Pick up the phone and call Stahls’ or Transfer Express. This video shows you why our CAD-Printz Full Color Digital Transfers make sense for all your multi-color logo jobs, especially low quantities. The best part about CAD-Printz is that they can be applied to almost any fabric, and are available in many different options, including foil, gloss, matte and opaque. Your representative can help you figure out the best option for your specific job. The next time you have a job that features a logo with a high level of detail, gradients or more than 4 colors, you will be glad you know about CAD-Printz. They are also great for application on caps, backpacks, bags, just about anything you can put under a heat press. In addition, CAD-Printz can be applied to performance wear. For a better overview, invest a few minutes in this product video which will show you how easy it is to create custom garments with full color logos in just minutes. So the next time you have a request for full color logos, you can confidently say, yes, we can do that.

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  1. Lola P. Tatum says:

    I would like to get a quote on printing logos for my t-shirts

  2. Ted says:

    Hi Lola,
    Thanks for reading and commenting. You can contact Transfer Express at and they will help you figure out your quote. Good luck. Ted

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