How To Sell More Spirit Wear

There’s still time to get in on spirit wear sales. Ask your school’s booster clubs if you can have a table at the first home football game. Perhaps it can be a fundraiser for the booster club, if you are willing to agree to donate a percentage of sales.

Another idea is to give a few shirts to the moms and dads of some of the star football players. Once they are seen in the stands, all the parents and grandparents will want their own. It can be as simple as adding the word “mom” to any existing design you’ve done for the team. Make sure they are willing to refer people to you of course.

Not able to do a booth or find some willing parents? Maybe it’s possible to sponsor a banner that’s visible at the field. Most schools are grateful for anyone who is trying to help promote school spirit and give back to the school. So now that your brain is busy figuring out how to get in front of your potential customers, the next question is… What should you sell?

If you want some “fan”tastic ideas for fan wear (pun intended), the new Fall Spiritwear Guide from Stahls’ has them. Learn how easy it is to use your heat press to create the spirit wear fans will go crazy about, like sleeveless hoodies or scuba hoodies.  We’ll show you how to print on lightweight fabrics, hair bows, totes, bags and more. Discover great looking distressed looks and how to print split lettering with color block effects. And you can create them all with your heat press. What’s more, the guide tells you where to order all the garments shown in the book and specifies the type of heat transfer used to create each look.

If you want even more detailed information on how to print the garments found in the book, this video from Stahls’ TV shows you how it’s done.


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