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Scenes from Hurricane Harvey damage in Houston and surrounding area, shared by Houston-based GroupeSTAHL family member Frank Good.

Even if you are not in Houston, many of you have friends and family members in this great city and surrounding areas. One member of the GroupeSTAHL family, Frank Good, sent us a few photos that depict the epic flooding. He reports that while he and his family are on higher ground and didn’t get any water in the home, many others were not as fortunate. Frank and his family rescued people from their homes by boat and jet ski and were able to remove a few fallen trees with chainsaws. Here’s what he had to say in a recent email:

We have made it through the worst of it and are starting to see the water receding and the roads becoming passible. Hurricane Harvey has been very eventful and will be one we remember for many years to come. It’s been very hard on so many but the good news is we have seen a sense of community like never before. Regardless of race, religion or social class, people have gone to great lengths to help one another. Be it through rescues, housing or donations, Texans have proven themselves to be strong through this catastrophe.

Even though we were unable to travel far, my wife and I were able to help a few close to us. Our neighbor across the street had a tree fall into the street. I was able to use my chainsaw to help him clear it. We helped rescue a few families in low lying areas from their homes via boat and jet ski. We, also, opened our home to some for food during our brief power outage. We still have quite a ways to go to get back to normal, as a whole, but we will make it.

Well said Frank. It is heartwarming to know how many people like you and your family are out there helping others. We send our prayers and thoughts to all those affected, especially families that lost loved ones. We know many have lost their homes and businesses and we will be reaching out in the near future to help our customers rebuild and get back to work.

This is not edited or fake. Frank sent us this actual picture of a gator who is also looking for higher ground during post Hurricane Harvey rains in Houston.

Photo shared by GroupeSTAHL family member Frank Good, showing the street in his Houston neighborhood.

The depth of the water is unbelievable.

This looks like an ocean.

Washed out bridge. It’s going to take a long time to repair all the damage.

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