How To Print Reflective Logos on Backpacks

It’s back to school time, which means there are more kids out on the streets and sidewalks in the early morning hours. Parents are looking for ways to make their kids more visible to cars and reflective logos on clothing and backpacks is a great option. If you own a heat press, offering the service of reflective printing is a great way to get customers into your store. You can also opt to offer it as a free service with the purchase of another personalized item or as a promotion. Stahls’ now has several options available when it comes to heat printing reflectives (download this reflective materials overview), including options with safety certification levels and a line with multiple color choices.  We all know safety is paramount when it comes to kids, especially those that have to leave in the early morning hours or those who come home after athletic practices or activities during dusk. A reflective logo on a kid’s backpack can be instrumental in helping others see that someone is walking in a crosswalk or even on the sidewalk. And while there is no guarantee that a reflective logo will make anyone any safer, it certainly can’t hurt. We have long recommended that decorators offer the service of reflective printing. It’s something that is so easy to do with your heat press and it’s something that can’t easily be done with screen printing or embroidery. And now, Stahls’ offers a wide range of reflective heat transfer materials. This video shows you how you can use your heat press to add reflective logos, monograms or symbols to backpacks. Remember, you can cut your own or use Stahls’ Custom Services and we will cut it for you.

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