How to Sell More Custom Shirts to Schools

The great thing about printing for schools is that they reorder every year. And sometimes they will order during the year for special events, dances, championship games and more. Get to know the teachers, coaches, staff and PTA leaders at your local schools.

There’s more to printing for schools than team uniforms. Schools have enormous needs for all types of custom t-shirts. Find out how easy it is to sell more to your local schools in this how-to video featuring Andy from Transfer Express.

Local schools can be your best customers. And not just for sports. In this video, Andy tells you how to sell to schools for needs other than athletic uniforms. Find out how to better serve your local schools with the “Class Of” t-shirts they need and more with EasyPrints from Transfer Express. This video shows you how easy it is to use a heat press and custom transfers to make school shirts that will keep your customers coming back for more. Year after year, class after class.

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  1. Andy, is there any chance of you bringing me one of these printed shirt to the NBM show in Phila this week? I would like to take one of these shirts to several local schools around here and see if I can get their business for them. I don’t care right now what name of the school is on there, just so I can show them a sample.
    Please let me know, otherwise, I don’t know how I can get their attention.
    Thanks, Ginger

  2. Ted says:

    Hi Ginger,
    Thanks for reading. Andy will contact you and let you know how he can help. Ted

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