How to Use Holiday Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyls


You can order heat transfer vinyl with holiday patterns from Stahls’.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add holiday spirit to your apparel, and you own a cutter and a heat press, holiday patterned heat transfer vinyls can go a long way. What can you do with patterned heat transfer vinyls? You can cut Christmas trees, lettering, numbers (12 Days of Christmas), stocking shapes, animal shapes, hearts, or giant initials. What do they look like? Here are a few photos from one of our most creative customers, Nancy C Moran from Huckleberry Ink.  We really like how these simple designs pop with holiday spirit. If you don’t own a cutter, you can try our custom transfer holiday ideas from Transfer Express. Just order and heat apply. Transfer Express has many holiday template transfers and also a wide range of stock Christmas designs. 

Great use of our holiday patterns Nancy and thank you for sharing on social media.

Nancy does an excellent job of creating custom gifts starring our holiday patterned heat transfer vinyls.

Credit to Huckleberry Ink for these excellent examples.

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