How to Save Time on Team Orders

The Player Perfect service available from Stahls’ is one of the fastest ways to perfectly print team uniforms.

If you are looking for the fastest ways to add team names and numbers to uniforms, you have several options. Let’s start with pre-cut (also known as die-cut) numbers and letters. Pre-cut numbers and letters are available in Easy Teams® sets, kits, or packs to refill your sets. With pre-cut letters and numbers, you will arrange them on your garment and heat apply. Layout guides and templates are available for proper alignment. Numbers are available in the most popular styles and sizes, in both one and two-color styles. Thermo-FILM® is the world’s most popular athletic numbering material, offering excellent opacity, wash ability and durability. When applied properly, they don’t peel, chip or flake off—ever! Pre-Cut letters and numbers  are the most popular choice for personalizing team uniforms. They allow you to add a player name or number for as little as $0.06 per character. Did you know that textile screen printers are some of the largest users of heat printed numbers in the world? They understand that it often doesn’t make sense to screen print names and numbers for leagues and teams that they service, so they combine screen printing with heat printing.

What to Stock in Pre-Cut Letters and Numbers

A standard player name uses 2” athletic Plain Block or Varsity style lettering. If you are going to stock up on lettering kits, choose either black or white for your inventory. If a customer requests an unusual color, style or size, you can order what you need or cut it yourself with a cutter and heat transfer materials. Number sizes vary depending on the size of the shirt, whether it is for a child’s shirt or adults, as well as the sport. Football and hockey typically use  10” or 12” numbers, while soccer, basketball and baseball will use sizes that range from 6” to 10”.

What to Charge

The average retail charge for a player name these days varies from $3.00-5.00 (or higher), depending on your area. It’s usually easier on everyone to charge by the name, rather than by the letter.

Try Pre-Spaced for Larger Orders

If you have hundreds of jerseys that require names and numbers, you may want to consider using a Pre-Spaced service, such as Stahls’ Player Perfect.  You will receive your player name and number aligned on the same carrier, allowing one-step placement per color. You can also have your names arched or arced. You can also choose two-color designs. Easy ordering wizards make it easy to create team orders online. Just enter your player names and numbers, select styles and colors and the service does the rest. You receive and heat apply. It’s fast, easy and well, perfect. If you aren’t sure whether to use Pre-Cut numbers and letters or Pre-Spaced, this video reviews the pros and cons of each method.


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