How To Use Transfer Names and Numbers

When you order heat transfer pre-spaced name and number sets from Stahls’, you receive the player’s name and number pre-spaced and ready to apply on a clear sheet. It’s the fastest, most foolproof way to print for teams and leagues.

As we like to say, “there’s more than one way to add numbers and letters to a jersey.” If you’re in the custom garment business, you know that offering the service of custom names and numbers with your heat press can mean huge profits. Heat press transfer pre-spaced names and numbers can be an additional huge time saver.

Heat press transfer pre-spaced names and numbers have many advantages over using pre-cut letters and numbers. You can order transfer  Pre-Spaced Player Names and Numbers from Stahls’. You also have another option. You can order custom name transfers from Transfer Express and combine with EasyPrints ScreenPrinted Numbers. In other words, you have choices.


Pre-spaced name and number sets are easy to order online. Just click through the ordering process. Selecting styles, materials and colors. When it comes to entering player name and number combinations, you can upload your list of players. You can even manage your lists in Stahls’ system. It’s very easy and you don’t have to worry about misspelled names as long as your list is correct. You can also type in name and number combinations as you go.


To save even more time, you can order pre-spaced names and numbers from both Stahls’ and Stahls’ Transfer Express in two-color versions. If you think you’re saving time with one-color sets, you save double the time to get two-color looks. When every second counts, consider using heat press transfer pre-spaced player names and number sets for professional results.


If you are just getting started printing uniforms for teams, this article, How to Print Team Uniforms, is helpful. And remember our experienced customer service reps are always available to answer any questions you may have. We also have extensive video libraries on using every type of heat press transfer.


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