Greg Peirce, Ted Stahl, Bob Brooks

Greg Peirce of and Bob Brooks of Transfer Express share their latest innovations with me

Innovations don’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, effort and desire to accomplish something new. It also takes research. Those iPods and iPads everyone is so crazy about are the result of hundreds of the best brains in the world being locked up in rooms for many, many months, even years…(okay, maybe they are  not locked up, but you know what I mean).  At GroupeSTAHL, we don’t have quite as many people as Apple does dedicated to innovation, but we do have a culture of innovation that drives us to always improve our product and services offering. In October, we’re introducing new modules on and Transfer Express is also going to be expanding their ink selection with an amazing new transfer brand. As soon as the links are ready, I’ll publish them here.  Now everyone go innovate!

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