It’s Thermo-FILM Season!

If you've ever wondered what the top five lettering materials are, here they are. Thermo-FILM tops the list.

If you’ve ever wondered what the top five lettering materials are, here they are. Thermo-FILM tops the list.

Whether it’s still cold where you are or not, one thing is for certain–spring sports are in high gear. Which means that it’s Thermo-FILM® season around the world. Spring is certainly “busy season” at Stahls’, with more orders for numbers and letters going out the door than at any other time of year. When we first invented Thermo-FILM, it wasn’t immediately accepted as the revolutionary material that we knew it to be. At the time, vinyl was the top selling pre-cut material in the sporting goods world. Sporting goods retailers and t-shirt shops everywhere were used to the thick, almost indestructible nature of heat press vinyl. If you grew up in the 60’s or 70’s you probably had jerseys that featured heavy vinyl numbers and letters. You had to be careful about putting those shirts in the dryer, remember? Why did we invent Thermo-FILM? Because we knew that once consumers realized the benefits of lighter, more screen-print-like numbers and letters, the demand would grow. And once sporting goods stores realized the benefits of our lightweight polyurethane film featuring a polyester adhesive, it would be a no-brainer. But it didn’t happen overnight. When brother Brian and I introduced Thermo-FILM, people thought we were crazy. A material like this didn’t exist. Many thought it was too thin, it didn’t have a paper backing and that it would never work. “Are you crazy, you want to put THIS on a sports uniform?” Today, the benefits of Thermo-FILM are widely known and there’s not much explaining we need to do. And with the increased popularity of sublimated uniforms, Thermo-FILM is more important than ever, thanks to its low-bleed formula and superior opacity. It’s a great choice for resisting dye migration on polyester garments. Whites stay white and team colors stay true.

  • Resistant to abrasion, #1 choice for full-contact sports
  • Recommended fabrics: cotton, polyester, sublimated polyester
  • Semi-gloss finish (matte finish can be obtained by using Kraft paper cover sheet)
  • Thermo-FILM, still the fastest, easiest way to add names and numbers to any uniform!

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