Learning About Teamwork

I was very impressed with the teamwork building skills my daughter learned as a member of her school’s FIRST Robotics team.

I wanted to post another entry on the FIRST Robotics competitions. At the district level my daughter’s team won the “Rookie All Star” and the “Highest Rookie Seed “ awards for their efforts in building a robot able to execute a specific task, which in this case was to kick, shoot or carry standard soccer balls at a bull’s-eye goal. The 27-by-54-foot playing field had obstacles about a foot tall and tunnels through them that divide the field into three zones. The student-designed robots had to either scale the bump or pass through the tunnel. At the State Competition, our team competed against 60 teams, and although their competitive journey ended there, the teamwork building skills they learned will stay with them forever. I am very proud of my daughter and her teammates and I hope they all continue to learn from this experience. If your child has an opportunity to participate on such a team, I can heartily recommend this organization for all age levels.

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