Make a T-Shirt with a Vinyl Cutter


use a heat press and vinyl cutter to make a shirt

Make a t-shirt with a vinyl cutter. Create custom shirts on demand.

You can make a t-shirt with a vinyl cutter,  heat transfer vinyl and a heat press. You simply cut the design you need and then heat press it onto your shirt. Screen printers, embroiderers, home-based businesses and online retailers usually have the same response when they see cutters in action. First of all, they recognize how great the shirt looks and feels.

Advantages of Using a Vinyl Cutter

Secondly, they immediately realize how many problems a vinyl cutter would solve for them when it comes to printing t-shirts and more. Imagine being able to:

  • Offer overnight or “on-demand” custom service
  • Decorate any quantity, even one, at a profit
  • Operate at a lower cost, in less space
  • Create custom lettering and logos in minutes
  • Have complete control over custom orders
  • Never apologize for a late custom order again

It’s true. If you own a vinyl cutter you can print and press just about anything. Not only does it make short run orders and fast service for custom t-shirts a profitable reality, you can set up your cutter and print shirts in a small amount of space.

Choosing a Cutter

Cutters come in all shapes and sizes and for all budgets. You can start a business creating custom t-shirts and other items with just a cutter and a heat press. Here are more advantages:

  • Space saving: You can print shirts (and more) with HTV materials just about anywhere
  • There are no inks or screens to clean, no toxic wastes to dispose of
  • It’s easy to do, easy to learn

Once you own a vinyl cutter, you can be up and running within hours of opening the box even if you’ve never operated a cutter before. Here is a general overview of how it works:

  • Design the artwork on a computer using specialized cutting software (usually comes with cutter or available online)
  • Load a cuttable heat transfer vinyl material in the cutter and output the design
  • Weed the excess material away from the design
  • Heat apply the finished design, logo or name on the shirt

If you want to see how easy it is, watch the video below featuring new CAD-CUT UltraWeed. CAD-CUT UltraWeed is an all purpose heat transfer vinyl designed for everyday jobs.

It’s very easy to cut, weed and heat apply. For more information on how to use CAD-CUT UltraWeed, you can also check out these videos and blogs:

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