New Designs from Great Dane Graphics Coming Soon

Watch for new, highly detailed, trend-setting artwork that your customers will want to customize and make their own. 150 new designs from Dane Clement of Great Dane Graphics appearing in the 2012 Transfer Express Idea Book.

Not only has Transfer Express launched a brand new website, which already features the most popular custom transfer layouts in the industry, this February there will be even more exciting new artwork, thanks to the addition of 150 new EasyPrints templates designed by Dane Clement. If you’re not familiar with Dane Clement of Great Dane Graphics, all you have to do is take a look at some of his new designs to understand why Great Dane Graphics is known and respected by screen printers around the world. With the addition of Great Dane Graphics, GroupeSTAHL customers will have access to some of the best art in the industry. What’s so different about Dane’s art? As they say, the devil is in the details and Dane really puts a lot of emphasis on all the layers of his art, using unusual backgrounds, splatter techniques and industrial elements, combined with iconic heraldry symbols, curlicues, scrolls and more, which always adds up to fresh and distinctive looks. I don’t really know how he does it, but you can always tell when Dane has had his hand in creating a design. Maybe it’s the subtle complexity of each piece. Even designs that appear relatively simple at first, when you take a closer look you will see he has a way of adding depth and character to anything he touches. I personally always look forward to seeing his magic and I know that Transfer Express dealers will also appreciate the expansion of styles that Dane will bring to the table. 2012 is going to be the year of artwork and we look forward to bringing you the best of the best. And the best part is, all you need is a heat press to offer your customers the hottest looking shirts anywhere. It’s never been easier or more fun to create top-looking custom designs.

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