NHL Allstar Game in Ottawa

My wife Mary and I outside the Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Canada before the 2012 NHL Allstar Game this past weekend. We were so impressed with everything about the city, the people and the event.

Yesterday I returned from the NHL Allstar Game which took place in Ottawa, Ontario. My wife Mary and I were lucky enough to attend and have some very great seats. Our family enjoys a lot of sports but I guess if we had to pick one that defines us, it would be hockey. All our children have played at one time or another, we’ve been involved in coaching, managing and of course hockey mom and dad. And I’ve sure heat printed my share of hockey jerseys. I have even been involved with starting a hockey league in our area….but that’s another story. Suffice it to say, we REALLY like hockey. But what made this NHL Allstar game so special was also the city in which the event was held. We were more than impressed with the beauty of the city of Ottawa, as well as the courteous and friendly local folks, the great food and the outdoor lifestyle of everyone young and old, despite the cold weather. I’ve never seen a city that has such an active outdoor life in the middle of winter. The Riedeau Canal Skateway offers miles of skating on snow-cleared ice, along canals lined with cafes and shopping areas. They say it’s the “world’s largest outdoor skate rink” and I’m sure it is.  The ice sculptures on display everywhere were amazing, temporary works of art. It is truly a unique setting. If you ever have a chance to visit Canada’s capital city, winter or summer, we would highly recommend it.

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