Print Reflective Logos

reflective logo on back pack heat printed

Print reflective logos with heat transfer vinyl or custom screen printed transfers and your heat press.

Did You Know You Can Print Reflective Logos?

Schools are in session, which means there are more kids out on the streets and sidewalks in the early morning hours. Some sports have them out running in low visibility. Parents are looking for ways to make their kids more visible to cars. Reflective logos on clothing and backpacks are a great option. If you own a heat press, you can offer the service of reflective printing. It’s also a service you can offer to delivery companies, security companies and even local fire and police departments.

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl  

There are many types of reflective HTV, including some with safety certification levels. You can even find reflective HTV in different color choices.

Reflective Screen Printed Transfers

If you don’t own a cutter, it’s also possible to order custom screen printed transfers made with reflective inks.

Stay Visible

Whether you choose to use HTV or custom screen printed transfers, safety is paramount. A reflective logo on a kid’s backpack or jacket can be instrumental in helping others see someone walking in a crosswalk or even on the sidewalk.

To learn more about printing reflective logos, watch these videos:

How to Apply Reflective Screen Printed Transfers

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