Heat Press Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the most recent heat press scholarship winners from Stahls’. Welcome to the family!

Are you ready to learn about the newest heat press scholarship winners from Stahls’?  Watch the video at the end to meet them up close and personal.

What is the Stahls’ Heat Press Scholarship?

Stahls’ helps people get started in the business of printing t-shirts with the Stahl Family Small Business Scholarship Fund.

This unique scholarship program is designed to help apparel decorators.  Selected winners receive a brand new A2Z Swing Away Heat press, a start- up package and coaching sessions. But most importantly, winners are assigned to their own personal mentor and receive at least six personalized training classes from the experts at Stahls’. There is no other scholarship program like this in the industry.

21 Heat Presses in 2021

The goal of the scholarship program this year was to give away 21 heat presses to qualified winners. Fifteen have been given away so far. We are proud to welcome our newest winners to the Stahls’ family. First of all, let’s meet Jessica Pretty of Daring’s Deserved in Cedartown, GA.

Jessica Pretty of Daring’s Deserved hopes to use her A2Z Heat Press to help others show their unique personalities.

According to owner Jessica Pretty, Daring’s Deserved was born from an idea of hope to bring a little more light, diversity and excitement to people’s lives through crafts, clothing, and other merchandise.  She is an artist who brings uniqueness to the world. Jessica started with resin crafting during the pandemic and opened an Etsy shop. It’s been doing well and she decided to branch out to add custom apparel merchandise. Overall, Jessica dares you to be different and embrace what make you, uniquely and unequivocally YOU. Jessica is grateful for the opportunity to showcase her creativity through custom apparel and thankful to be a Stahls’ Scholarship winner.

Introducing Ciara Smack of CUTE CREATIONS BY CIARA in Frederica, DE

Introducing Ciara Smack of Cute Creations by Ciara.

In 2018, Ciara started her business by creating custom security curtains for school classrooms. The curtains provide safety for students during intruder drills. Then she created a successful Kindness Matters T-shirt. She has a great niche market that serves educators and school staff members, school districts, parents and students. The ability to add customization to her unique items has been a great business builder. Ciara is excited about the six coaching sessions from Stahls’. She wants a one-stop shop for her customers.

  • Facebook- www.facebook.com/cutecreaionsbyciara
  • Instagram- @_cutecreationsbyciara
  • Pinterest- www.pinterest.com/cutecreationsbyciara (under construction)
  • TikTok- @cutecreationsbyciara
  • Website- etsy.com/shop/CuteCreationsbyCiara

Meet Shane Hickey of SH CREATIVE in Churchville, PA

Meet Shane Hickey of SH Creative, another winner of an A2Z Heat Press from Stahls’ Scholarship program.

Shane’s day job is as a graphic designer, working outside of Philadelphia for a large company. But he always had a side hustle, helping local sports teams for which his kids played.  He would also create custom T-shirts and logos for friends and family. When his “Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia” T-shirt blew up, he understood the opportunities in the custom apparel world. He realized he wanted to print more on his own. Shane already knew about Stahls’ from his previous experience printing uniforms. He entered the contest and the rest is history. Shane is excited to go to the next level with Stahls.’

Say hello to Traci Williams of StellHER Curves in Lathrup Village, MI

Traci Williams of StellHER Curves plans to target a niche market with custom printing.

Traci is super excited to work with the Stahls’ team of experts who will mentor her and help her build her business. Body positivity is her passion. Why be ordinary when you can be StellHER? According to their website, StellHER Curves was created to empower all the beautiful Curvy Queens! Curvy and Plus Size women now have a place to shop for high quality, stylish, and unique clothing. Owner Traci Williams says, “Our goal is to provide the best of the best in clothing without the hefty price tag. Quality is our number one priority and we stand behind all the products we sell.”

Introducing Brandon Blackmon of BALLERS WORLD ORDER in Birmingham, Alabama.

Brandon Blackmon of Ballers World Order is a recent Stahls’ Heat Press Scholarship winner.

Finally, meet Brandon Blackmon from Birmingham, Alabama. Brandon is excited to be backed by a top-notch supplier like Stahls’. He is ready to build his business. The tag for his company is the Baller Makes the Brand. B.W.O is a youth sports/social organization and custom T-shirt apparel company that offers text/graphic motivational, inspirational, & funny basketball slang quotes. In addition, their primary design style is a combination of urban, cartoonish, graffiti tag-like style and flair. Anything goes, the more creative the better!

Apply to Win a Heat Press Scholarship

In conclusion, enjoy this video featuring the latest winners. Six more presses will be given away in 2021. Find out how you can enter the Stahl Family Small Business Fund Scholarship. In order to apply, you will need to agree to the terms of the program, answer a few questions and submit some required information. You can apply online.  Simply click this link.  

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