Printing That Tells a Story

The Nike uniforms worn by the Army’s Black Knights tell a story…there’s a map printed inside the numbers.

I’m always on the lookout for new team uniform ideas and the design team behind the recently revealed Army and Navy football uniforms certainly took it to a level I’ve never seen before. Both uniforms tell a unique story.  My favorite part, there is actually “a historical, re-interpreted West Point map of a battle is incorporated into several elements of Army’s uniform, including the jersey numbers, gloves, helmet stripe and inside of the cleats,” according to a West Point release. To learn more, read Nike’s blog on the story behind the uniforms. It’s fascinating and well-done. If you watch the game this Saturday–arguably one of the greatest rivalries in football–keep in mind that one of the reasons this game is watched by so many fans is because few, if any, of the participants will ever play in the NFL. These men all have post-graduation military commitments and are playing solely for the love of the game.  You can watch on CBS at 3pm ET this Saturday, December 8th. No matter which side you are rooting for, they are all winners in my book. Go Army! Go Navy!


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