1. Jim R. says:

    Mr. Stahl,

    I had an opportunity to read your article, “Putting Customers First,”
    which promted me to write this comment.

    Today is my second day of helping out for a few weeks at T.A.G. Custom Embroidery. I have never worked with graphics programs, cutters, heat presses, and recently going through a divorce, and the court proceeding that go along with it, my attitude has been to say the least “somewhat poor”!

    I had been a Customer Service manager in a different industry for 20+ years, however, don’t feel I offered, or experienced the Customer Service I received today from your company, and Jason Murphy!

    Ted at T.A.G. told me to call Jason, and explained how good your company was with solving problems, however, being this is all new to me I wasn’t sure I even knew the questions I should ask. Jason took me through step by step in the software, understood I am a “rookie”,
    and made sure thorough the work he was doing right along with me on his computer, I had what I needed to accomplish our goal for the Customer we are servicing! As aggrevated as I know I was getting with not understanding each step, I have to commend Jason for his great attitude, willingness to stay on the line with me until we achieved the solution, and telling me he would get with me next week to do a one on one Webinar!

    Thank You for your company, and in particular for having employees like Jason! It truly does make a difference in not only the work you are doing, but the attitude one comes away with after experiencing such a positive person.

    Thanks again! and Thank you Jason!

    Jim R.

  2. Ted says:

    Thanks for taking the time to write and pass on your feedback on Jason Murphy. When I first met Jason, he immediately impressed me with his knowledge on garment decoration, but you’re right…the best part about Jason is that he exudes a positive, can-do attitude all the time. Plus, he truly understands the Stahls’ Philosophy about serving the customer. I’m glad you hung in there and got the job done. It will be no time before you are an expert yourself. I wish you the best of luck in this new stage in your life.

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