Putting the Customer First

Stahls’ National Sales Meeting recently took place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


Putting the Customer First

Stahls’ is customer centric. And we are always looking for ways to improve and serve you faster and better. We believe it’s always a good idea to take some time to review where our business is and where we are heading. We had that opportunity recently at our National Sales Meeting. Over 50 team members, from Stahls’, Stahls’ Hotronix and Stahls’ Transfer Express got together for a two-day meeting. In addition to our entire sales leadership team and people from all regions, our CEO, several VP’s, General Managers and marketing team members also attended.  Special appreciation goes to our sales leadership team for organizing and executing this event – Greg Marbais, Shauna Soom & John Loucks.

Together Again

Everyone agreed, it was great to be back together in person again, working on a plan to improve on a phenomenal year of customer growth.

Sharing Information

Participants were able to learn more about some of the challenges our customers face and how we are able to help them find solutions. We also had some fun brainstorming sessions, looking to pinpoint more ways we can serve you better and faster. The entire focus of the event was to find ways we can be more helpful to our customers.  In order to accomplish this. we learned about apparel trends, heat printing trends, upcoming product launches and discussed ways to become better listeners. The more we understand the needs of the customer, the better we can help you succeed.

One Goal in Mind

No matter what the discussion topic was, one thing is clear–it’s all about the customer. We have customers of all shapes and sizes, from home based businesses to international garment manufacturers and pro sports organizations. But all our efforts are always focused on figuring out how we can serve you better.

Awarding Outstanding Results

Danny Marcario was presented with Sales Rep of the Year. Jennifer Johnson received the award of Best Teammate.

In addition, there are many awards given. Our top three winners for this year were:

  • Best Teammate – Jennifer Johnson
  • Customer Success – Andy Petrous & Abby Clarke
  • Sales Rep of the Year – Danny Marcario

Additionally, we also recognized new members to the team who are doing some great things.

  • Mover and Shaker – Alec Duffiney & Abby Clarke
  • Bright Future – Nelson Jones

There were several other awards to recognize big successes and big effort.  Congratulations to Brandon Chipps, Lizz Riedy and Rachel Corey who rounded out our award winners.

It was great to see everyone in person again at Stahls’ National Sales Meeting.

In Conclusion

Everyone who attended and participated admits they learned a lot and also had a lot of fun. Josh Ellsworth, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing, had this to say to the group:

“We truly are a purpose driven group that is making an IMPACT in the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs.  We’re helping people to start, grow and create opportunities in the communities that they live in.  This is important work that we do and I am proud to do with you!”

Congratulations Josh on a successful and results-oriented National Sales meeting. Thank you for always putting the customer first.

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