Ready to Rally Great Race 2023

Here are the teams which are part of the Spirit of Stahls group.

We are almost ready to start the Great Race 2023. We leave from St. Augustine, Florida on June 24th. The pre-rally events have all gone well so far, flat tires and other mechanical adjustments notwithstanding.

But all our teams are up for the challenge.

Great Race 2023 program cover features last year’s winners Trevor Stahl and Josh Hull.

Another great surprise was seeing a great family photo inside the program. We had no idea!

Great article in the program about the Great Race truly being a family affair.

We were also happy to see some friends of our from the Florida area who came by to wish us luck. It was great seeing you all. We wish all our fellow Great Race participants smooth travels and we will see you on the open road.

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  1. Pam Dudding says:

    Best of luck! Writing an article or 2 for our hometown paper in New Castle VA!

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