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For under $30 (less if you already have a gromment punch!) you can get everything you need to create a handy sample set of mini-tshirts with applied graphics.

It’s a proven fact that you will sell more if you show your customers samples of what you can do. Many of you solve this problem by creating elaborate displays or simply hanging up shirts on a waterfall rack near the register. But I’ve been in many stores that have no applied samples to touch and feel. Believe me, we understand what a pain it can be to create samples. In fact at GroupeSTAHL we have spent decades improving the way we create samples for customers at trade shows or in show rooms. It takes time, money and dedication. However, now the crafty folks at Transfer Express have come up with an easier, faster way for you to create a wonderful set of mini sample t-shirts that you can use to show your customers the differences in transfer types. You can make a similar set for showing different CAD-CUT® materials or specialty materials like Distressed Twill or GlitterFlake. The Transfer Express blog from March 21, 2013 had an excellent how-to article (with complete, step by step instructions and more photos) on what you need to create these sample mini t-shirt sets. You will need to purchase the mini-t-shirts, (Stahls’ offers a pack of 10 for $12.00) carabiner and grommeting supplies, however Transfer Express will send you the Mini Sample Set for free. Of course you will need a heat press to apply the samples to the mini-t’s. Good luck with this project, and no matter how you choose to display samples, just make sure  you show your customers what you can do!

Of course you will need a heat press to apply the transfers to the mini-t's.

Of course you will need a heat press to apply the transfers to the mini-t’s.

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  1. Renee Sanchez says:

    Where can I purchase mini t-shirt like your example? I don’t print on black or white garments.

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