Showing Patriotic Spirit with Felt


A Costco in California is offering zip jackets decorated with sewn felt. You can also use felt to create spirit wear that has a retro feel.

On Friday we discussed how you could create spirited, patriotic garments using custom transfers and stock rhinestone transfers without violating any copyright or licensing agreements. A GSSA sales rep in California sent me another fantastic custom garment idea that was spotted in a local Costco. These garments, which are basic zip jackets in bright colors, are decorated in custom cut felt with the names of different countries. They look very patriotic, high quality and very “Olympian” but there is not a single reference to the Olympics or use of the Olympic rings anywhere. This company found a creative solution to capitalize on everyone’s desire to support their home country. I like the use of felt to give the jackets a retro look. You can add custom cut felt letters to shirts and sportswear with your heat press, we discussed this a few months ago. If the felt has our permanent adhesive on it, there is no need to sew the felt. You can get the same great retro look without sewing. If you own a retail store, you’ve still got time to create some “patriotic” garments for the duration of the 2012 games. Hope everyone got to see the performances they were hoping to see this weekend. There’s still a lot more to come. Congratulations to all the medal winners.

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  1. Rosary McCaskill says:

    I actually got a cap done at the SGIA show with the use of the felt. Will Stahl’s sell the felt?

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