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When it’s time to expand the garment decoration services you offer, keep in mind that you may want to print more than just garments! Today’s digital transfer technology lets you print on just about any item that will fit under a heat press.

Our good friends at Imprintables Warehouse shared a few customer testimonials with me that I found interesting on several levels. But one of them revealed the long process most business owners go through when trying to figure out how to grow their business. I know a lot of you out there are currently trying to decide on the next piece of garment decorating equipment you want to buy, (cutter or new heat press?) or you can’t make up your mind between DTG (direct to garment) technology or a digital printer. I thought sharing this with you might give you some insight and food for thought. This testimonial was written by a business owner, directed to Dan Seward at Imprintables Warehouse. Here’s what he had to say:

Several years back we began a review of various garment decorating solutions to complement our embroidery & engraving business.  Somewhere between DTG & Versacamm lived the answer.  We spent quite a bit of time looking into cost, durability and function.  On the function side DTG fell short in that it is a Uni-Task device where as the Versacamm provided multi-task (garments, signs banners etc.).  With equipment decision in place, the where / who to buy from remained.
Imprintables (years ago) was our go-to source for a GX-24 and I had an opportunity to spend a few hours training with Bob Robinson at an ISS Show.  The real knowledge along with confidence building speeds up the learning curve, ultimately improving Return-On-Investment.  The recent two-day workshop with Steve in New York (once again) confirms that we made the right decision to purchase our VS-540 from Imprintables.  There are three other dealers a stones throw from our Cincinnati based operation and we elected Imprintables specifically for the dedication to TRAINING.  Training & Knowledge is a key element to our continued success.  Steve walked everyone through all of the production steps blending real-world experience into the mix.  The site is also a ‘gem’ to move forward with along with Steve’s Training Time-Out’s.
Steve mentioned that an Advanced Course was in the planning stage along with the second edition of the Wrap Class (August).  When the economy tightens up one of the first things most companies look to scale back on is Training & Education.  It is comforting to see that Imprintables has kept these (training) elements in the operating plan.  Ultimately it remains one of the best selling tools available for a company, the ability to point to structured training & support that’s endorsed by their customers.
Thanks for keeping your customers long term growth as a success metric for Imprintables.
Bob McGinn
Queen City Graphics & Distinctive Togs Cincinnati, OH

I know it’s not easy trying to make a buying decision and I hope this showed you that you’re not alone out there. Education and training are two very important things to look for when choosing a supplier or a distributor. It’s nice to see that the team at Imprintables Warehouse is dedicated to helping garment decorators make the right decisions.





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