USA Women’s Team Takes Gold!

Congratulations on the US Women’s Gymnastics team win for the gold medal at the 2012 London Games!


SPOILER ALERT! Well, not really. Most of you probably know by now that the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team won a Team GOLD at the 2012 London Games. Congratulations ladies! What inspiring performances. I’m sure that gyms across the country will have new gymnasts registering many new enthusiasts. Which means your custom garment printing business should be ready to heat print those leotards and other performance wear. Of course you can heat print on the performance synthetics that today’s athletes demand. You know they won, you know they looked great in their uniforms. Here’s what you might not know about the US Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics uniforms:

  1.  US manufacturer GK Elite Sportswear not only manufactured the US Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics uniforms, but they also made uniforms for the teams from Great Britain, Australia, Russia, Netherlands, France, Greece, Israel, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Finland, all of which is manufactured in the USA. This marks the sixth time that USA gymnasts will wear competitive apparel and workout wear produced by Elite Sportswear in Reading, Pennsylvania.
  2. Stahls’ ID Direct custom cut difficult graphics for the US Teams out of a special performance enhancement heat applied material that also was a major graphic element.
  3. CAD-CUT Super Film was also used on the US team uniforms!

    The Adidas logo on the sleeve and the USA logo on the front of the uniform are CAD-CUT Super Film.

Another trend I’m seeing at the Olympics is full color digital logos, which I’m sure in many cases has been heat printed on the athlete’s sportswear. If you want to recreate full color logos on performance wear, CAD-COLOR Solutions is the way to go. It’s designed specifically for stretch. Did you happen to notice the amazing numbers on the US Men’s and Women’s Volleyball teams?  It’s also a look that can be digitally created with CAD-COLOR Solutions. There are so many great garment decorating ideas on parade during the Olympics. And if you own a heat press, you can recreate just about any of them.

One of the better looking number styles I have seen during the games is featured on the US Men’s and Women’s indoor Volleyball uniform. You can create this 3D metallic look with CAD-COLOR Solutions, or take a look at our 3D Mega Greek for a different take on 3D. With a heat press you can create just about any look you see during the Olympics.





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