Sponsor Logos on Olympic Performance Wear

Cyclists are known for featuring more than one sponsor on their jerseys. Often sublimated with the logos before garments are sewn together, it is possible to add additional logos with CAD-COLOR Solutions.

The gymnasts aren’t the only ones wearing performance wear. Here are some more examples of performance wear with multiple sponsor logos being worn at the London 2012 Olympics. Even though there is not a lot of support for the NBA going forward with their proposal to add sponsor logos to player’s uniforms, it is a practice that is globally used, probably more necessary to support Olympic athletes.  What’s the best way to add sponsor logos to performance wear? Heat printing of course. While many of these garments are sublimated before being sewn together, if you need to add a sponsor after the garment has been sublimated, you can still do that with CAD-PRINTZ or by using your own printer/cutter and CAD-COLOR Solutions Material.  

Looks like VW, among others, is a sponsor of this table tennis team.

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