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It’s Thursday and like I promised,  the sample sign up page CLICK HERE for our newest and most exciting film ever, CAD-CUT® Premium Plus, is online. Josh Ellsworth of CAD-CUT Direct announced it on his blog a while ago and he says that hundreds have already signed up to receive a free sample. We are only sending samples out to the first 1,000 respondents so make sure you sign up today. If you’re wondering why we are launching a new film when we already manufacture and sell the most popular heat transfer films in the world, it’s because we truly believe in the quest for newer, better, faster. We know your time is valuable and if we can help you reduce production time or eliminate confusion in your custom shirt production tasks, we want to do that. We are confident that CAD-CUT® Premium Plus will be the answer to many of your requests in a cuttable film.  Josh and his team have also produced some pretty funny animated cartoons that help explain the benefits of using this new film. I am having technical difficulties in getting the videos loaded up from YouTube, but you can  Click HERE for Josh’s blog to view the first three in the series. They tell the story of why you many want to consider using CAD-CUT Premium Plus in your business when it is available. Remember, you aren’t able to purchase it yet, but we are ready to send out free samples. Make sure you get yours. We would love to hear from you as to how you like it.

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