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If you’re looking for a  role model for innovating, Steve Jobs should be on your list of people who know how to innovate.  As Carmine Gallo says in his recent blog about Steve Jobs: “While anyone can learn the principles that drive Apple’s innovation, few businesses have the courage to do so.  It takes courage to reduce the number of products a company offers from 350 to 10, as Jobs did in 1998.  It takes courage to remove a keyboard from the face of a smartphone and replace those buttons with a giant screen, as Jobs did with the iPhone.”

I'm always on the lookout for a good business book and this is on my "must read" list. Author is Carmine Gallo and you can find it on Amazon or elsewhere online.

I agree that courage is key in introducing new products. There is always the fear that a new product will cannibalize the sales of a  popular existing product. Or that the new product won’t sell as well if it is a replacement product. Should that prevent you from ever trying something new? I hope not! Speaking of new products, if you haven’t signed up to receive your FREE sample of CAD-CUT Premium Plus yet, don’t forget to do it today. Josh Ellsworth of CAD-CUT Direct says that he has received thousands of requests since going live with the sample request page. CLICK HERE to get to the sign up page.  Josh is on his way to the FESPA Fabric 2011 in Hamburg, Germany. The tagline of the show is One Giant Leap for Garment Printing Performance! I’m anxiously awaiting updates from GroupeSTAHL folks at the show, which doesn’t start until tomorrow. I’ll keep you informed as soon as I hear from them.

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