Small Talk Can Lead to Big Business

Transfer Express now has new Transfer Extreme™ Holiday stock transfers that have Puff inks! These bright and vibrant transfers are screen printed using a simulated 4 color process with added texture and dimension that jumps off the fabric when heat applied.Great conversation starters.

With December just around the corner you might find yourself invited to a holiday party or two. If you’re like me, you meet a lot of people throughout the course of the year and sometimes when you see them at parties or other social get togethers you might not remember their names, or even how you originally met them. Guess what? Those people probably don’t remember your name either. And that’s the point of this blog posting. Don’t assume that everyone knows you print t-shirts, or banners or jackets or spirit wear or team uniforms. While I don’t recommend aggressively promoting your business at holiday parties, it never hurts to have a few business cards in your pocket and it never hurts to remind people what it is you do. You honestly never know who you are going to meet at a large party. And if your spouse allows you to do so and it’s appropriate,  wear one of your own custom decorated garments. This is just good, everyday practice, even if you’re not at a party. Everyone you meet is a potential customer! I promise, you will be surprised how many people you don’t know will walk up to you and ask about your printed shirt and how they can get one. Make sure people know the shirt is custom–and make sure they know where they can order their next custom printed items–from you!

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