Summer Family Days

Mary and I were so glad all the kids and grandkids could join us at Camp Stahl this past weekend.

Sometimes the best days are when you are together with family members and not really doing much of anything except enjoying each other’s company. Although some of our kids live across the country and we visit whenever possible, we were able to get everyone together on pretty short notice for some fun outdoor time this summer. Thanks to everyone pitching in, we made it happen. Mary and I are so thankful we got to enjoy a few blissful days with our children and grandchildren this past weekend. There were plenty of s’mores, plates of delicious grilled food (thank you to all the grill chefs and food preppers!) and lots of games, splashing, swimming and smiling. It was fantastic to experience sunsets and sunrises, and just watching the boats on the river. Luckily, the weather was warm enough for swimming and tubing during the day and cool enough to  enjoy a bonfire in the evening (and pretty much the entire weekend). With 14 grandchildren on hand, everyone set up their tents in the yard and we created the first official Camp Stahl. The cousins really enjoyed spending time together outdoors, with a few of them experiencing sleeping in a tent for the first time. We also got to celebrate all our August birthdays with one big cake and lots of ice cream. It was really a special time and we hear there are already requests to set up Camp Stahl again next summer. It was really special to have everyone together and we truly feel proud and blessed.

One big cake for all our August birthday people.

Cousins just enjoying the sunset.

Welcome to Camp Stahl. Some neighbors actually did wonder if we had opened a campground.


Three grandchildren all born around the same time and under one year old on their first camp out!

Cousins enjoying that outdoor life

Kayaking, canoes, fishing are all part of Camp Stahl.

Just watching the freighters go by was one of our favorite activities.

Thank you to everyone who helped prepare, cook, and serve all the delicious meals.

Everybody in the kiddie pool!

Summertime, when the living is easy.


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