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If you want to be the first to know more about the new 360 IQ Hat Press, follow the link and register today.

When we brought a prototype of the new Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Press to a trade show in Chicago a month ago, we had a customer ask us to let them borrow it after the show was over. We didn’t have any production models available yet but they already understood the need for this new cap printing technology and had 800 caps that needed to be printed. Since the press was just a prototype, it had to go back to the factory. It’s customers like this who encouraged us to innovate the way we print caps. What’s so special about the 360 IQ press? Like its name implies, it’s designed to print all around the cap, and even more important, it uses bottom-platen heat. Bottom-heat printing is crucial for some types of premium, dimensional hat graphics, including our FlexStyle emblems. Plus, the re-designed shape of the Hotronix 360’s platen is ideal for contoured caps which are very popular. This is crucial for so many cap applications because it eliminates the dreaded “cap crease.” If you are currently heat printing on caps, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Yes, people have figured out ways to get around the cap crease with various complicated methods, but this new press allows for user-friendly, easy printing. Plus, it features our Hotronix IQ technology which allows you to track productivity, program the machine for specific jobs and much more. If you currently print caps or if you’ve been considering getting started, make sure you take a look at the latest in cap-printing technology from Stahls’ Hotronix. There is already a waiting list with pre-orders or you can simply be one of the first to get additional information. We don’t have an exact date for the first shipment but it is planned for sometime in October.

A prototype of the new 360 cap press was available for testing at the July ASI Expo in Chicago. The actual press may look a little different.

Andrew Carr, Stahls’ Strategic Account Manager for the Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota & Wisconsin Region, shows Keith of Lansing Sport Shop the differences between the standard Hotronix Cap Press and the new 360 model.

Philip R. (l) and Keith D. (r) of Lansing Sport Shop with Andrew Carr of Stahls. They have already placed a pre-order for the new 360 IQ press.

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