Heat Printing Flock on Blankets

Michelle Treadwell heat printed this fuzzy polyester blanket using CAD-CUT Flock II.

We always like to see how you use our heat printing products and services and this example from Michelle Treadwell really caught my eye. Not only because it is visually attractive, but because it uses one of my favorite heat transfer materials, CAD-CUT Flock II. CAD-CUT Flock II is perfect for use on blankets or anything else that demands a soft, velvety finish. To learn more about using CAD-CUT Flock II on different items, this informational video will probably answer most of your questions. Visit our Facebook page, Stahls’ All Things Heat Printing for more creative ideas from customers and to keep up with the blog.stahls.com/…/GTL-flock-2-on-sherpa-qtr-zip.pdflatest product and service releases. This link will also take you to a how to on printing CAD-CUT Flock II on Sherpa pullovers.

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