Printing Golf Polo Shirts

William chose his hockey jersey number “99” for his golfing shirt.

We’re always encouraging our customers to explore niche markets when it comes to heat printing opportunities. Did you know that some youth golf tournaments use golf polo shirts printed with the golfers name and favorite number? At a recent Jr. PGA State Finals youth tournament in Michigan, our grandson William Stahl was a participant. The shirts for Willam’s team were customized using heat printing with CAD-CUT Premium Plus heat transfer vinyl. We’ve always recommended using a heat press to print golf towels, but this opens up a whole new world when it comes to heat printing for the sport of golf.

Youth golfers wearing custom shirts heat printing using CAD-CUT Premium Plus heat transfer vinyl.

William Stahl, grandson of Ted and Mary Stahl, competing in the Jr. PGA Michigan state final tournament.

The team shirts also feature logos on the front of the shirts, also done with heat printing.

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